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Letters: Demonizing Drums

by Donna Acquaviva 07-10-2015

“A Sacred Beat” by the late Richard Twiss (June 2015) gladdened my heart, until I got to the part that explained how the native drum has been demonized and forbidden in Christian worship. Do these “Christians” not remember how the Hebrews honored and praised God with “flute, harp, and drum”? I am a liturgical dancer and have introduced the drum into my praise dances, but after a couple years, somebody complained and the next year it was forbidden.


by Donna Acquaviva 01-01-1999

GIL DAWES' CRITIQUE of the PBS Frontline documentary The Farmer's Wife ("The Face and Fate of Family Farms," September-October 1998) was excellent and, for the most part, I agreed with it.