Danny Duncan Collum

Danny Duncan Collum, a Sojourners contributing writer, teaches writing at Kentucky State University in Frankfort, Kentucky. His novel White Boy was recently published by Apprentice House.

Articles By This Author

Rock-and-Roll Transcendence

by Danny Duncan Collum 06-08-2015

Brian Fallon's Christianity is less apparent than his Bruce devotion. 

Epic Bad Behavior

by Danny Duncan Collum 05-06-2015

Fraternities have become the tail that wags the dog in U.S. universities. 

Rich Songs of Economic Despair

by Danny Duncan Collum 04-01-2015

Singer-songwriter Angaleena Presley paints a heartbreaking picture of what Appalachia has become. 

Comcast's Net Neutrality Shell Game

by Danny Duncan Collum 03-09-2015

Democracy requires universal access to the means of communication. 

Time for a Cyberweapons Treaty?

by Danny Duncan Collum 02-05-2015

Cyberwar stories were uninteresting until one involved a threat to our inalienable right to laugh at fart jokes. 

The Persistent Strain

by Danny Duncan Collum 01-06-2015

White supremacy may have weakened, but it can still make us sick. 

The Internet's Toxic Waste Dump

by Danny Duncan Collum 12-09-2014

Souls are being stained and scarred to keep your internet experiance relatively clean. 

Paying to Play

by Danny Duncan Collum 11-06-2014

Our culture has managed to turn children's sports into an expensive "gated community" for the elite. 

The Christ of Compton

by Danny Duncan Collum 10-07-2014

Jesus appears on Adult Swim, as he did in Palestine, in a manner both obscure and mysterious.

A Teachable Moment

by Danny Duncan Collum 08-05-2014

Maybe young black men with transformed intellects isn't what the educational-industrial complex wants.