Brian D. McLaren is a best-selling author, speaker, activist and networker among innovative faith leaders. A former pastor, he has written 15 books, including The Great Spiritual Migration. He is an Auburn Senior Fellow, living in Florida.

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Found in Translation

by Brian McLaren 03-01-2006

'Kingdom of God' is so last-century. Are there new ways to talk about Jesus' good news?

A Bridge Far Enough?

by Brian McLaren 09-01-2005

How would Jesus address the issues of our day?

What I'm Reading

by Brian McLaren 12-01-2004

Back in the ’70s I was trudging through the planning phase of a master’s thesis on Puritan devotional poetry, and I happened to catch lunch with someone who read me a quote...

Scared to Talk Politics in Church?

by Brian McLaren 09-01-2004

You don't need to be partisan to be prophetic.

Consider the Turtles of the Field

by Brian McLaren 03-01-2004

Many evangelicals find themselves in an emerging theological habitat, where care of creation is central to mission.