Brian D. McLaren is a best-selling author, speaker, activist and networker among innovative faith leaders. A former pastor, he has written 15 books, including The Great Spiritual Migration. He is an Auburn Senior Fellow, living in Florida.

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A Plea for a New Generation of Republican Leadership

by Brian McLaren 09-08-2009
I believe our nation works best with robust and civic dialogue and civil debate.

Ted Kennedy Meets Jerry Falwell

by Brian McLaren 09-03-2009
Fans (and critics) of either man should read this speech -- from the late Sen. Kennedy, delivered back in 1983 at the late Jerry Falwell's (now) Liberty University.

Health-Care Debate Requires the Wisdom of Solomon

by Brian McLaren 08-24-2009
Thomas Friedman, learning from an experience on safari in Botswana, gets it right in his <

Three Responses to a Conservative Critic on Health-Care Reform

by Brian McLaren 08-19-2009
Just received this:

An Open Letter On Health Care to Conservative Christians in the U.S.

by Brian McLaren 08-11-2009
Dear Friends,

Talking While Stupid

by Brian McLaren 07-27-2009
I think President Obama was right to soften the tone of his statement the other day on the Gates arre

Four Lessons from the Religious Right

by Brian McLaren 07-23-2009
This Seattle Times article on the current state of the Religious Right union

An Ever-new Narrative of Good News

by Brian McLaren 07-20-2009
My friend Bob Carlton sent me this link to a Guardian piece by Madeleine Bunting, "

Pope Benedict Gets It Right

by Brian McLaren 07-10-2009
Jim Wallis has provided a helpful summary of the Pope's encyclical Caritas in

Everything Old is New Again

by Brian McLaren 07-01-2009

Ancient Christian practices are finding a home in post-modern Christianity.

Iran: Two Kinds of Islam, Two Kinds of Religion

by Brian McLaren 06-22-2009

There is the Islam of the dictators and their religious allies, used to keep people in their place, used to justify their own power, used to shame and threaten those who question their authority. And there is the Islam of the protestors, calling out to God in hopes of liberation. Whose prayers are heard? Which group has a more true vision of God?

A Father's Day Reflection

by Brian McLaren 06-18-2009

It's daunting for me to even begin writing about Fathers' Day ...

Jim Wallis and Jon Stewart Get It Right

by Brian McLaren 06-17-2009
Jim Wallis is one of the most talented interviewees I've ever known. He knows how to get substance, not just spin, into a sound byte, and he has an amazing ability to think on his feet.

On Racism

by Brian McLaren 05-29-2009
Many in the Republican Party and some noteworthy Christian leaders have come together to call Judge Sotomayor a racist.

White Evangelicals for Torture

by Brian McLaren 05-01-2009
Too many white evangelicals stand for torture, according to a recent Pew Forum study reported by<

Evangelicals Need to Love Gay People

by Brian McLaren 04-23-2009
Jonathan Merritt may be the most courageous Southern Baptist in America this week for his USA Tod

Four Points Toward Peace in the Middle East

by Brian McLaren 04-16-2009

I've written a lot on Palestine and Gaza in recent years. Any of us who travel (or read) know that peace in the world can't be separated from peace in Israel -- peace for Jews, and peace for Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

Diagnosing Our Economic Illness

by Brian McLaren 03-26-2009

Some might say that this is the worst possible time to have a Mobilization to End Poverty.

Two Kinds of Economic Recovery

by Brian McLaren 02-10-2009

Inaugural Week Meditation: So Happy

by Brian McLaren 01-21-2009

I'm 52, and I've had a great first half-century of life (and am looking forward to the next). But this inaugural week I feel an extraordinary happiness. Younger people can understand it to a great degree, but I think many folks my age and older