Brian D. McLaren is a best-selling author, speaker, activist and networker among innovative faith leaders. A former pastor, he has written 15 books, including The Great Spiritual Migration. He is an Auburn Senior Fellow, living in Florida.

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Can We Talk?

by Brian McLaren 03-01-2010

The Manhattan Declaration’s harder challenge.

Beyond a Predictable Script: Dialogue with Comments on My Israel/Palestine Posts

by Brian McLaren 02-08-2010
It's one thing to go to the "Holy Land" and see where Jesus worked and walked in the past.

Family Research Council: Homosexual Behavior Should Be Criminalized in America

by Brian McLaren 02-04-2010
What kind of place will gay people have in our society? The debate rages on--in the military as well as the church.

Israeli Peacemakers' Challenge to Americans

by Brian McLaren 02-01-2010

We have spoken with many Palestinians in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem so far in our pilgrimage, both Christian and Muslim. Their voices are seldom heard in our corporate media, so it has made sense to meet, listen to, and understand them.

Israel and Palestine: People Aren't the Enemy

by Brian McLaren 01-29-2010
Friday night we were the guests of a synagogue in West Jerusalem. It was beautiful to see the room full of Jewish families honoring God in song, reading, silence, and prayer.

Americans Listening to Palestinians Listening to Israelis

by Brian McLaren 01-28-2010
What a day it was. Halfway through, many in our group of twenty felt that we couldn't take much more.

Five Observations from Bethlehem

by Brian McLaren 01-26-2010

We arrived in Bethlehem with our wonderful group of pilgrims. Folks are getting acquainted, and in a few minutes, our journey begins.

Terrorism and 'the Primitive Brain'

by Brian McLaren 01-12-2010

Parker Palmer, in a beautiful and important essay called "The Broken-Open Heart: Living with Faith and Hope in the Tragic Gap," speaks of our need to overcome "the primitive brain":

The Power of Questions

by Brian McLaren 01-07-2010

Obama's Brand of American Exceptionalism

by Brian McLaren 12-18-2009
As I suggested in my previous post, I was troubled by some elements of the president'

Obama's Nobel Speech, Violence, and Nonviolence: Who's Na

by Brian McLaren 12-17-2009
The president's campaign speech in Philadelphia on race and his speech earlier this year to the Muslim world from Egypt were, in my mind, two of the most important presidential speeches of my lifet

'The Three Most Important Issues'?: What the Manhattan Declaration Gets Wrong

by Brian McLaren 11-25-2009
As I said in my previous post, I can find things to applaud in the recent Read More

Affirming the Footnotes: What the Manhattan Declaration Gets Right

by Brian McLaren 11-24-2009
Although there are several points I find troubling, inaccurate, or misleading in the recent Manhattan Declaration, and although I noticed the relative

Conservative Progressives?

by Brian McLaren 11-16-2009
It's been said that conservatives are people who honor the tombs of dead progressives.

An Evangelical Trojan Horse in the Democratic Party?

by Brian McLaren 11-12-2009
A recent Daily Kos post asks this question: Does the Evangelical movem

Video: Jon Stewart Interviews Jewish American and Palestinian Nonviolence Advocates

by Brian McLaren 10-30-2009


A Prayer for the Earth

by Brian McLaren 10-27-2009
Tim Costello of World Vision Australia and I have been working behind the scenes to compose a prayer that could be used by individuals and groups leading up to the Copenhagen gathering on cli

Dear President Obama (An Open Letter on Afghanistan)

by Brian McLaren 10-22-2009
I am a loyal supporter of your presidency. I worked hard in the campaign and have never been as proud of my country as I was when we elected you.

Have You Thought About Nuclear Weapons Today?

by Brian McLaren 10-21-2009
The day one is detonated, it will be the only thing anyone will think about ... which is why we need to apply the biblical vision of "turning swords into plowshares" to nuclear weapons.

Seven Steps for Creation Caretaking

by Brian McLaren 09-23-2009
What could be more joyful than rediscovering our God-given role as caretakers, stewards, and lovers of creation?