Weekly Wrap 1.4.19: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 1.4.19: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. The Border Wall Fight at the Center of the Government Shutdown, Explained

Steel slats, concrete, walls and fences: here’s what Trump actually wants to build, and what Congress might be willing to pay for.

2. Fashioning a New Congress: What This Freshman Class Wears to Work Matters More Than Ever

“They are unafraid to wear their identities on their sleeves, helping to mark a striking shift in how politicians—and specifically, women in politics—have traditionally been expected to present.”

3. The Greenest Classroom in the World Might Be in Seattle

At the Perkins School, Seattle kids interact with a living classroom powered by sun, rainwater and exploration.

4. Christian Leaders Welcome Muslim-American Women to Congress

‘The assumption should be that Christian Americans, along with Americans of all faiths and backgrounds, would of course welcome new members of Congress regardless of their religious affiliations.’

5. Indian Women Just Did a Remarkable Thing – They Formed a Wall of Protest

They were asserting their right to enter the Sabarimala temple in Kerala – and have given hope for women’s rights

6. Stormwater Pollution Is on the Rise. These People of Faith Are Trying to Change That

With large parking lots and manicured lawns, congregations send pollution barreling through storm drains and into the Chesapeake Bay—disrupting the ecosystem and water quality.

7. The New Congress Has a Record Number of Women – But Very Few Republican Women

To be clear, women are underrepresented on both sides of the aisle in Congress. Just under 1 in 4 members will be women next session. But less than 1 in 10 Republican members will be women.

8. How We Can Combat Climate Change

The world has until 2030 to drastically cut our emissions. Where do we begin?

9. Emergency Medical Responders Confront Racial Bias

A recent study out of Oregon suggests emergency medical responders — EMTs and paramedics — may be treating minority patients differently from the way they treat white patients.

10. Mainstream Media Is Blowing Its Coverage of Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test

Tribal leaders and Native people say the senator is an ally — and they support her look at her ancestry. But hardly anyone asked them.

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