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WATCH: The Refugee Screening Process Explained

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“Taking in refugees at a time of crisis is simply the right thing to do.”

These words from Jeh Johnson, the United States Secretary of Homeland Security, are spoken in a video released by Jeh Johnson and ATTN: Nov. 24. 2015. Through simple, yet powerful, illustrations, the video debunks the myths of refugee resettlement in the United States, with specific attention to the Syrian refugee crisis.

In four minutes, Secretary Johnson walks you through the long and complicated process of attaining refugee status from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and then through the multi-layered security screenings conducted in the United States for refugees who are referred here.

He emphasizes that Syrian refugees attempting to enter the United States must “undergo a security screening process that is more thorough than any other for people entering this country” and includes tests and interviews conducted by five different governmental departments.

Moreover, the secretary reminds us that throughout history “America has become a better nation by welcoming refugees in a time of crisis,” naming Albert Einstein as one example of an American who came to this country through the refugee resettlement during the Holocaust. In the words of Secretary Johnson: “We can and we will continue to ensure our own security, while doing our share to welcome men, women, and children who are refugees fleeing violence. This is the United States of America. We can, we must, and we will do both these things.”


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