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O God, We’ve Prayed in Wind and Rain

A Hymn for Hurricane Relief
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The hymn below was originally written in response to severe storms — Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana and the devastating flooding in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh where there were more than 1,200 deaths and over 41 million people impacted. Hurricanes Irma and Jose have caused great damage in the Caribbean, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. We pray for those who are suffering, give thanks for the many who have responded, and pray for continuing efforts to help in comforting and rebuilding. We also sing/pray for government leaders and those who vote, that they will work for policies that help counter climate change — which has contributed to the severity of these storms — as well as for zoning policies that care for creation. A copy of this hymn text formatted with music is a free download.

O God, We've Prayed in Wind and Rain
(To the tune of "Our God, Our Help in Ages Past")

O God, we've prayed in the wind and rain
And now we pray once more,
For those who felt the hurricane
And heard the waters roar.

We pray for those who watched the storm.
Destroy the life they knew,
Who wait in shelters, tired, and worn,
And wonder what to do.

We thank you, God, for acts of love
Not bound by race or creed,
For hands that reach across the flood
To all who are in need.

We pray for others far away
Who’ve seen destruction, too;
We look beyond ourselves, for they
Are also loved by you.

We pray that leaders of our land
Will heed creation’s cry,
And bravely care and take a stand
For earth and sea and sky.

Where rains flood cities, homes, and towns
May we go out to be
A witness that your love abounds
In each community. 

Tune: Attr. William Croft, 1708.
Alternative Tune: AMAZING GRACE. Virginia Harmony, 1831 Arr. Edwin O. Excell, 1900.
Text: Copyright © 2017 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. All rights reserved.
Permission is given for free use by supporters of Sojourners to use this hymn to support the relief efforts.