Climate Justice

SojoAction: Climate Justice

Melody Zhang
Climate Justice Campaign Coordinator

We are living into a new era of climate change. Intense floods, cyclones, droughts, and wildfires are escalating in intensity and pushing the boundaries of extreme weather. Vulnerable communities, most often people of color and low-income people, already bear the disproportionate burdens of climate change.

Grassroots organizing by young people has ushered the climate crisis into the national conversation in ways never seen before. I believe people of faith are uniquely called and positioned to play a pivotal role in the national zeitgeist on climate change by providing moral leadership and clarity in the wake of such a moral emergency. We do this through building mobilizing power in congregations nationwide to advocate for transformative, just, and compassionate policies at every level of government.

We hope to provide definition to the climate crisis in ways that become palatable and energizing for people of faith through storytelling, handing the mic to those most afflicted, pushing for culture change, and leading from biblical rootedness. Join us.

Climate Justice

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Climate Justice
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