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My Coffee Testimony: What Our Editors Are Reading

Photo by Kimiya Oveisi via Unsplash.

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This is my coffee testimony: I started my relationship with coffee when I was just 6 years old, thanks to my dad and grandpa who put a mug in my hand and a love for coffee in my heart. It is important to note that my dad and grandpa are both pastors. Whether it is because you usually work every day of the week, or that your church lobby morphs into a café every weekend, being a pastor makes you likely to adopt a caffeine habit of some sort. And though I did not follow my forebears’ into ordained ministry, I did find myself in a profession that requires extensive reading, writing, research, and interacting with various personalities. Which is to say: I began to experience an almost religious compulsion to consume the caffeinated beverage we call coffee.

Maybe my dad and grandpa knew I was destined to be a writer and editor; perhaps that’s why they got me hooked at such a young age. Whenever I am writing, editing, or reading, it feels wrong to be without a cup of coffee (black, no sugar). I know I am not the only editor who feels this way. [Editor’s note: Can confirm.] Also, I feel confident in speaking for the editorial team when I say the 10 stories we have picked for you this week are best enjoyed with a piping-hot cup of joe.

1. There’s No Such Thing as a Colorblind Christianity
The failure of the multiracial church movement and evangelicals' disdain for critical race theory shows why. By Amar D. Peterman via

2. Cornel West on Why the Left Needs Jesus
The famous professor has found himself out of step with cancel culture and the search for political purity among progressives. By Emma Green via

3. When Everything Feels Fragile
It is possible for the world we hand our children to be more loving and liberating than the world that was handed to us. By Danté Stewart via

4. The GOP Waves White Flag in the Same-Sex Marriage Wars
The Republican Party has moved on from one of the most seminal culture war debates, even as evangelicals fume. By Meridith McGraw via

5. A Teacher’s Prayer
When we feel angry about leaders and systems that fail us / move us to action and save us from hopelessness. By Tammy Stallcup via

6. White Women Wanted to Invade
Afghan women never asked for US air strikes. By Rafia Zakaria via

7. Faith Advocates Express Concern About Biden’s Afghan Refugee Plan
Some say the small scope and planning of Biden’s evacuation of refugees will leave many behind. By Gina Ciliberto via

8. The CDC Halted Evictions. Texas Judges Are Proceeding Anyway.
Despite federal protections aimed at preventing eviction, thousands of tenants in Texas have been unable to use them to keep their homes. By Megan Kimble via

9. Are You Leveraging Your Privilege or Exploiting It?
Questions to help you use your privilege for the flourishing of all. By Dominique DuBois Gilliard via

10. What Happens When All of Your Co-workers Quit?
As a record number of Americans leave their jobs, those who can’t are working themselves sick. By Angelina Chapin via