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Marching On: 6 Women's March Participants in Their Own Words

Photo by JP Keenan / Sojourners

On Jan. 21, more than 1 million women and men around the world rose up and became part of a resistance.

Here are just a few of those faces — six people who showed up to make their voices heard at the Women's March on Washington. They each marched for individual reasons, but found common ground among the crowd.

Willa Hemmons Taylor

"I’m here supporting any movement that will give the Congress, the president, and the U.S Supreme Court pause before the elimination very valuable programs." 

Kendall Topping

"We always see climate change as so far away, but it is happening now. The past three years have been the hottest on record, we’re already losing some islands, storms are getting heavier, weather has been more bizarre. Since it’s not truly visible to some people, they fail to look outside their bubble of caring because it’s not on TV." 

Aurora Linnea and Crystal Dires 

"Resistance is the everyday practice of not being passive."

Anthony Dunn

“Spread the love, not hate, that’s my motto.” 

Don Baker 

"Resistance is nonacceptance, when you refuse to accept at your own risk. You have to take a stand and if youre gonna fight a war you have to fight, you can’t stand back and hope to survive it so you can stand on TV and say that you fought, you actually have to get into the fight, and this right now is a war." 

Maxwell Tielman 

"Stay active, stay involved, don’t get tired, keep at it, stay focused, and stay positive." 

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