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German Chancellor Merkel Wants to Ban Burqas in Germany

On Dec. 6 German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for face-covering veils to be banned in Germany, reports the Washington Post.

“The full veil is not appropriate here, it should be forbidden wherever that is legally possible,” said Merkel, speaking to attendees of the Christian Democratic Union's conference

In 2015 Merkel welcomed almost 1 million refugees, most of whom were Muslim, to enter Germany. Opening the country to the migrants negatively impacted her approval ratings. Aligning herself with rhetoric that fueled Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, and also fueled the election of President-elect Donald Trump, is believed to be a possible attempt by Merkel to regain her country’s support and assimilate into a growing worldwide movement.

On Nov. 21, Merkel announced that she will campaign for a fourth term as Germany’s chancellor. She admitted that she believes this will be her toughest election.

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