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the Web Editors 5-01-2012

The Purpose Of Spectacular Wealth, According To A Spectacularly Wealthy Guy – A Guide To May Day – The 10 States And 10 Jobs With The Most Low-Wage Workers – A Faith-Based Budget Lesson For Paul Ryan (OPINION) – As Childhood Obesity Improves, Will Kids In Poverty Be Left Behind? – Task Force Meets To Look At Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' Law – UK Lawmakers: Rupert Murdoch Unfit To Lead Company – Congress: It's Going To Get Worse – A Story of Christian-Muslim Friendship: Entering Without Knocking (OPINION) – Drones Invade Campus – Asian Americans: 2012's Stealth Swing Vote? – Violence In Nigeria: Breaking The Country's Fatal Deadlock – MAY DAY CHARTS: We Don’t Currently Reward Our Workers – 34 Syrian Children Killed Since Ceasefire: Report.

the Web Editors 4-30-2012

Top Republican Strategist Denies Women Are Paid Less Than Men – Domestic Violence Rises In Sluggish Economy, Police Report – A Different Intersection Of Church And Politics – Some Quotes From State Legislators About Get-Tough Immigration Laws – 21 Killed In North Nigeria Church Service Attacks – In Vast Jungle, U.S. Troops Aid In Search For Kony – Live Below The Line: An Interfaith Approach To Tackling Extreme Poverty and Malaria – Welcome To Azawad, Africa's Newest Country – Why Misdemeanors Aren’t So Minor – Life Expectancies In Much Of U.S. Compare With Those In Poorest Nations – As America's Waistline Expands, Costs Soar – United Against The War On Women (OPINION) – Someone's Lying About America's Secret Drone Program.

the Web Editors 4-27-2012

Promise Of The American Dream Is Broken (OPINION) — The Gospel According To Paul Ryan — Horrors We Hide — Study of the Day: Even the Religious Lose Faith When They Think Critically — Ecowas To Send Troops After Mali, Guinea-Bissau Coups — UN Deliberate Sanctions On Rival Sudans — How To Get Food On Every Table.

the Web Editors 4-26-2012

A Hearing And Rallies Over A Law In Arizona — Other States Watch For Arizona Immigration Ruling — As Poverty Shrinks, Should We Worry About Inequality? — Can You Be Honest With Me? — Religion A Key Factor In Determining Support For Obama Vs. Romney — Pat Robertson: Christians Bullying LGBT Kids In School Is Wrong — Franklin Graham Calls For U.S. Airstrikes On Sudan — Europe’s Austerity Recession — Nuns Gone Wild — Exxon Makes $104 Million In Profit Per Day So Far In 2012, While Americans Are Stuck With A Higher Gas Bill — A Farewell To Superpowers.

the Web Editors 4-25-2012

Arizona And Interposition (OPINION) — The Bishops' War On Women, Nuns, And...Paul Ryan? — Drones For "Urban Warfare" — World Malaria Day 2012: A Critical Moment For Reversing Spread Of Malaria (OPINION) — Sudan Border Clashes: African Union, UN, Call For Peace — In Afghanistan, Underground Girls School Defies Taliban Edict, Threats — Britain In Recession, Intensifying Government Woes — Latest Record Results Show Apple A Bigger Global Power Than Most Nations — Catholic Church Breaks On Social Policy From Conservative Movement (VIDEO) — Latino Evangelicals Rally Voters Around Complex Election 2012 Agenda — Religious Youth To Obama: ‘Creation Care Is A Swing Vote For Many Evangelicals’.

the Web Editors 4-24-2012

Trayvon Martin Case: Bill Lee, Sanford Police Chief, Remains Under Scrutiny — Stress Rises On Social Security — Democrats Plan To Force Vote On Arizona Immigration Law If It’s Upheld By Court — U.N. Observers Prove Little Deterrent To Syrian Attacks — From Democracy Poster Child To Broken State — The List: Accounting For The Iraqi Allies — America Left Behind The Peace Narrative — Obama Slipping Among Young White Voters — In Chicago: Nobel Laureates And Students Defending Human Rights, One Step At A Time (OPINION) — How Can We Fix Transportation In America? Ask A Nine-Year-Old.

the Web Editors 4-23-2012

Arizona Immigration Law Is No National Model Says Marco Rubio – Evangelicals 'Coming Around' To Evidence For Global Warming, Professor Says – How Nixon Aide Chuck Colson’s Ideas Transformed American Evangelicalism – Younger Colorado Voters Are United By Faith, But Divided By Politics – Cornel West And Tavis Smiley: Poverty In America Threatens Democracy – Make Poverty History 2 To Launch In 2013 – Poverty In America: Defining The New Poor – Asia’s Rising Inequality A Policy Priority – Evangelical Christians Agree, Disagree On Budget Priorities.

the Web Editors 4-19-2012

W.H. Escalates Budget War — The Fight For 'The Persuadables' — U.N. Chief Says Syria Is Failing To Adhere To Peace Plan — Judge Quits In Trayvon Martin Shooting Case — Jobless Data Suggests Slowdown In Job Creation — Study: 8.3 Million Children Affected By Foreclosure Crisis — Biblical Literalism, Secularism And American Politics (OPINION) — Two-Paycheck Couples, Working Because They Must — Will Obama's New Rules Make Fracking Better For The Planet? — 21st Century Chain Gangs.

the Web Editors 4-18-2012

Evangelical Voters Let Politics Trump Religious Purity — Is Romney Using Mormonism As A Shield? — Kurds Remain On The Sideline Of Syria’s Uprising — In Poll, Many Link Weather Extremes To Climate Change — Long Time Coming: Trayvon’s Law — 22 Soldiers Die In South Sudan-Sudan Border Battle — Palestinian Prisoners Launch "Battle Of Empty Stomachs" — Corporations Spending The Most On Lobbying See Their Tax Rates Drop — Education Without Borders (OPINION) — Euro-American Misperceptions Of The Tunisian Revolution.

the Web Editors 4-17-2012

UN Toughens North Korea Sanctions Over Rocket Launch — Afghan Schoolgirls Poisoned In Anti-Education Attack — Antipoverty Tax Program Offers Relief, Though Often Temporary — Why The NRA Pushes ‘Stand Your Ground’ (OPINION) — Christians Debate: Was Jesus For Small Government? — Why 'Blue Like Jazz' Won't Save Christian Cinema — Do Americans Love War? — Most Americans Say Tax System Favors Wealthy — Can 'Caring Across Generations' Change the World? — Does Anyone Realize What The GOP Just Did? — Why Are There So Many Coups In West Africa?

the Web Editors 4-16-2012

'Heretics': The Crisis Of American Christianity — Web Freedom Faces Greatest Threat Ever, Warns Google's Sergey Brin — Is Trayvon Martin's Death The Catalyst Of A New Movement? (OPINION) — Tweaks To Alabama’s Draconian Immigration Law Are Not An Improvement (OPINION) — President Obama Vows Action On Immigration Policy — Ron Sider: Obama, GOP Budgets Both InadequateTutoring Surges With Fight For Middle School Spots — Many U.S. Immigrants’ Children Seek American Dream Abroad — 'The Voice': New Bible Translation Focuses On Dialogue — Liberal Christians Disagree With Paul Ryan: GOP Budget Not Biblical — Living The “Good” Life — Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes? — Long Political Fights Ahead Over Dueling Tax Plans.

the Web Editors 4-13-2012

The End of Capitalism, So What's Next? – Romney-Huckabee Would Make 'Appealing' GOP Ticket – Student Loan Debt A Growing Threat To The Economy – Gingrich Charges Fox News With Pro-Romney Bias – Protests Follow Cease-Fire In Syria – Goldman Sachs CEO Gets $16.2 Million Pay Package – Transformative Development: How Jim Yong Kim Might Change the World Bank – Gallup: Public Understanding Of Climate Science Continues Rebounding.

the Web Editors 4-12-2012

Santorum Out, Evangelicals Edge Closer To Romney, But Warily — Jesus Would Oppose The Paul Ryan Budget (OPINION) — Connecticut Lawmakers Vote To Repeal Death Penalty — War Looms For Obama In Iran, Syria, And North Korea — Interim Mali Leader Promises Vote, Anti-Rebel FightIs Facebook Making Us Lonely? — Children v. Dirty Business — Energy Costs Stir Worries In U.S. Economic Expansion — Post-ABC News Poll Shows Drop In Republican Support For Afghan War — The Maddow Doctrine: We Need To Make War Hard Again — Two Leading Social Conservative Groups Back Romney — The State Of Communities Of Color In The U.S. Economy — The Romney/Ryan Budgets Cuts In Anti-Poverty Spending Would Disproportionately Impact Women.

the Web Editors 4-11-2012

Envoy To Syria Seeks Iranian Help As Cease-Fire Deadline Nears – Social Conservatives Don't Rush To Romney After Santorum News – Evangelicals React To Santorum's Decision To Suspend Presidential Bid – Predicting The Latino Vote In 2012 – Is Marriage A Poverty-Buster? – Out Of Africa (And Elsewhere): More Fossil Fuels – Erased: Why Tens of Thousands of Haitian Youth Do Not Officially Exist – Sudan Vows To Retake Heglig Oil Fields From South Sudan – Condoleezza Rice: 'I Don't Know When Immigrants Became The Enemy' – Whose Capitalism Is It Anyway? – Allen West: 80 Communists In The House – With Our Future On The Line, The Time To Invest In Kids Is Now (OPINION).

the Web Editors 4-10-2012

Food Stamps Helped Reduce Poverty Rate, Study Finds – Heroic vs. Homegrown Entrepreneurs? – Obama Candidate Sketches Vision For World Bank – Religion and Politics Are Inseparable: Get Over It (OPINION) – Birthrate For U.S. Teens Is Lowest In History – Success In A Land Known For Disasters – Anti-Poverty Group ONE Pushes For G8 Food Deal – Mali Coup Leader Rejects Possible Ecowas Intervention – Now This Is Interesting: A Climate Prediction From 1981 – WaPo/ABC Poll: U.S. Public Opposes Military Action Against Iran; Supports Diplomacy And Sanctions – Two Suspects Confess In Oklahoma Shootings, Police Say.

the Web Editors 4-09-2012

Federal Funds To Train The Jobless Are Drying Up — When The Almighty Talks Back — Study: 'God Gap' Present Among Latinos Also — Cardinal Dolan: 'Government Is Intruding' Into Faith — Obama Needs 'Strong, Moral' Point Of View On The Poor — More Children Living (And Lacking) In High-Poverty Areas (OPINION) — Rick Warren: ‘God Hates War, But God Loves Every Soldier’ — Peace Corps Leaves Mali, New U.S. Travel Warning Issued — Sacred Spaces: Arabic Christians Find A Home In The U.S. — Can Coffee Kick-Start An Economy? — What Happens If Afghanistan Shuts Down The U.S. Drone Program There? — The Other Arab Spring — What Bipartisanship Looks Like

the Web Editors 4-05-2012

Evangelicals May Double Their Support For Obama In 2012 Election A Kinder Mix Of Religion And Politics During Holy Week (OPINION) Teen Pregnancy More Prevalent In States With High Income Inequality: Study Stopping Climate Change Is Much Cheaper Than You Think On The Stump, Dems Split With Obama Over Keystone XL Pipeline Biologist E.O. Wilson On Why Humans, Like Ants, Need A Tribe Somalia Theatre Bombing Kills Top Sports Officials U.S. Moves Toward Normalizing Relations With Myanmar After New Orleans Cops Sentenced In Bridge Shooting, Focus Shifts To Police Department Reforms Connecticut Poised To Abolish Death Penalty After Senate Vote A Look At How Different Countries Are Getting People Back To Work Student Loan Debt: Can These Innovations Save America’s Workforce?

the Web Editors 4-03-2012

Obama: Paul Ryan's Budget Is 'Nothing But Thinly Veiled Social Darwinism' – Red Cross Proposes Daily Cease-Fires In Syria – World Evangelical Alliance, South Sudan And Tribes Discuss Ending Violence In Embattled State – The Happiness Agenda: Can The UN Help Develop A Happier World? – Libyan Militias Turn To Politics, A Volatile Mix – Egypt’s Accountability War – A Glass Half-Full – Google Brings Churches Back Into Nonprofit Program – To Fix America's Education Bureaucracy, We Need To Destroy It – Fiscal Therapy.

the Web Editors 4-02-2012

Syria Dismisses Notions Of Foreign Intervention — Christianity In Crisis Apple’s Chief Puts Stamp On Labor Issues — Christian Is Not Synonymous With Conservative — Obama Proposes New Rule For Immigrant Families — How About Some World Governance Goals? — How A Grassroots Rebellion Won The Nation's Biggest Climate Victory — Is Capitalism Worth Saving? — Dem Lawmaker Implies GOP Budget Violates Biblical Teachings — When Corporations Abandoned The 99% ' — The Island President': Mohamed Nasheed, Former Maldives Leader, Battles Climate Change.

the Web Editors 3-30-2012

Clinton, Saudi Arabia Explore Syria Crisis — Anti-Government 'Sovereign Movement' On The Rise In U.S. — Occupy Common Ground — Time To Move Beyond 0.7% Aid Debate — Fresno To Homeless People: Get Out — Still A 1 Percent Recovery — Why Do So Many Americans Drop Out of College? — Allen West Claims Congressman In Hoodie Created Security Threat