The nonprofit status of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California, is being challenged by the Internal Revenue Service because of a sermon in which parishioners were asked to imagine a

Chuck Collins 4-01-2005
No tax cuts during wartime.
David Cay Johnston 4-01-2005

The elite few benefit from the Bush tax agenda. The rest of us get stuck with the bill.

Duane Shank 4-01-2005

For political strategist Grover Norquist, tax policy is just a means to a brutish end.

Susan Pace Hamill 4-01-2004

How the Bible, a newspaper article, and simple biblical ethics put a Southern law professor at the cutting edge of a tax reform movement.

Chuck Collins 4-01-2004

Bush's tax policy is aimed at drastically reducing government services and moving the tax burden to poorer wage-earners. The result: a case of "trickle-down injustice."

Jim Wallis 4-01-2004

In the recently published collection of excerpts from William Sloane Coffin's speeches and sermons -Credo- appears this gem: "When the rich take from the poor, it's called an economic plan."

Jim Wallis 9-01-2003
'People hate this kind of talk. Raw truth is never popular.'
John E. Hill 5-01-2003

WILLIAM H. GATES Sr. and Chuck Collins are clear and persuasive in their January-February article "Tax the Rich?" 

William Gates Sr.—whose son is Microsoft founder Bill Gates—joins with co-author Chuck Collins to argue that the wealthiest among us have an obligation to pay their fair share.

The refundable tax credit will help 500,000 children in poverty.
Jim Wallis 7-01-2001

Religious leaders demand (and get) help for working families.

Rebecca M. Blank 5-01-2001
Bush's plan looks like the 'gimme-mine' generation at it again.
Chuck Collins 11-01-1999

Who benefits from the tax cuts? (Hint: Not you.)

Randy Kehler 4-01-1994

The last day of the year is, somehow, a good day to settle things. And so it was for us on December 31, 1993.

Dale W. Brown 3-01-1977

A case for discrimination.