Jan Resseger 9-01-2012

How the out-of-control emphasis on high-stakes testing jeopardizes school reform.

Elaina Ramsey 8-07-2012

Take a test to measure your “intelligence.”

Christian Piatt 6-18-2012
Pill photo, Jakub Pavlinec /

Pill photo, Jakub Pavlinec /

Are we subjecting our children to a perpetually overstimulating environment? Quite possibly. Are we expecting superhuman results from them at critical points in their development when they may lack the critical judgment skills to resist such monumental pressure? Based on the epidemic now rampant in our high schools and colleges, I’d say yes.

I wrote recently about the moral questionability of the student loan system, and further, the culture of pressuring kids into college straight from high school as a necessary rite of passage, regardless of capacity to pay for it or understanding of what they need from it. But beyond urging them to mortgage a large chunk of their futures away, it seems we’re compromising their health and perhaps mental well-being for the sake of some horse race that may or may not actually be real or necessary.

What’s worse, it seems we’re harvesting a generation of addicts, placing results ahead of happiness, and certainly ahead of service, community or God.