Carey Burkett 6-01-1994

For salad lovers this is a heady time of year with more greens around than a person can shake a salad fork at.

Carey Burkett 5-01-1994

Let’s say you’ve just walked into the grocery store and on the way to pick up some onions you notice a healthy sized mound of eggplant, with glossy, deep purple skin shining under the florescent lights.

Carey Burkett 4-01-1994

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Carey Burkett 2-01-1994

FEASTING IS JUST half the story. To have "Sunday dinner" implies plainer weekday meals. Holiday banquets include foods not seen the rest of the year.

Carey Burkett 1-01-1994

MY 1994 NEW YEAR'S resolution - to break loose from serious menu ruts by planning further ahead - has already led to more time at a favorite activity: paging through cookbooks.