Carey Burkett 07-01-1997

Someday when I see the sale card announcing "12 Lemons for a Dollar" at the grocery store, I’m going to buy all 12 instead of just two or three.

Carey Burkett 05-01-1997
The loaves and fishes in the Bible story of the "feeding of the five thousand" (a major sandwich-making operation) should spring to mind whenever hungry people congregate.
Carey Burkett 03-01-1997

Yesterday I learned that a friend will be moving far away.

Carey Burkett 01-01-1997

Would it be cruel to extol the virtues of chocolate these dark, cold days of January and February, months traditionally reserved for dietary resolutions and abstention from such temptations?

Carey Burkett 11-01-1996

What time-honored edible has all of the following: the warmth and comfort of hot bread; the fragrance of a baking cake; the staying power of potatoes and gravy

Carey Burkett 09-01-1996

An article on breakfast about did me in for reading any more words on what's new, healthy, or chic in the food world.

Carey Burkett 07-01-1996

Life before white sugar probably was pretty good.

Carey Burkett 05-01-1996

When blizzards closed down cities on the East Coast this past winter, the media reported on some strange meals people were eating. 

Carey Burkett 03-01-1996

A cook is a chemist. All manner of wizardry and wondrous reactions occur in the oven and the mixing bowl.

Carey Burkett 01-01-1996

Talk about basic ingredients. Look at a package of pasta sometime: flour. You can't get much simpler than that.

Carey Burkett 09-01-1995

In large part because of my grandmother's North Dakota farm stories, I spent the first 30 years of my life wishing I lived on a farm so I could bake pies, make soap, churn butter...

Carey Burkett 07-01-1995


Carey Burkett 05-01-1995

I remember the moment when, as a new apprentice in a retreat center's vegetarian kitchen, I spotted the shelf of nuts in the storeroom.

Carey Burkett 03-01-1995

It takes love to bake a cake. Cakes cannot be baked indifferently or in a hurry.

Carey Burkett 12-01-1994

It is fitting that this morning, after paying bills and moaning about another increase in our health insurance premium, I came across a Russian proverb in a nutrition magazine

Carey Burkett 11-01-1994

Someday I would like to see a cranberry harvest: crimson fruit floating on flooded coastal fields, skimmed off like a school of tropical fish.

Carey Burkett 09-01-1994

It’s hot. The yard needs mowing—the grass is so tall I have to wear rubber boots in the morning dew.

Carey Burkett 08-01-1994

What can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; is grown in all 50 states; and had a war named after it? The potato of course.

Carey Burkett 07-01-1994

Highway food can be fun for a while—eating forbidden french fries at a fast food joint or sipping iced tea in the cool muffledness of a restaurant.