Jim Wallis 2-08-2008

Late last week, The Great Awakening book tour brought me to Seattle, Washington. On the media circuit we had a day packed with four back-to-back radio interviews. Almost more interesting than the interviews themselves was the diversity of listening audiences represented by each station.

Interviews ranged from a progressive Seattle rock station (the first to break the news of Kurt [...]

Administrator 11-29-2007

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Here's some of Krista Tippet's introduction to her interview with Jim:

I've resisted interviewing Wallis as he's risen to a new kind of fame, in part because he has had so much exposure in major media - from Hardball to [...]

Administrator 10-16-2007

Last week Jim was on The Tavis Smiley Show and talked about how the changing political landscape will affect the upcoming '08 election. Jim and Ken Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state, debated and discussed both the impact of "value voters" on the election and what those values entail.

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Administrator 8-20-2007

Jim Wallis on the BBC Radio program "Reporting Religion," talking on July 30 about faith, politics, and Gordon Brown.

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