Activism in a Time of Perpetual War | Sojourners

Activism in a Time of Perpetual War

We can blame governments and unjust laws, but eventually we have to face ourselves as active participants.
Illustration by Matt Chase

America seems to be in a perpetual state of war. We’ve militarized our borders and violently separated children from their families. We are inundated with horrifying images, such as that of the father and daughter who lost their lives to the Rio Grande.

I am not from the border, but the border runs through me.

War is not new. Its effects are felt from generation to generation, a collective trauma from our ancestors to our living bodies. War lingers on the land and in our bones. We have a responsibility to speak out against destruction and to rise to meet the needs of the most vulnerable. It is clearly a time for spiritual activism.

Some churches have fallen short in speaking out. They have fallen short in meeting the needs of God’s children.

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