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The Gospel Truth About Organizing

In the September-October issue, Danny Duncan Collum cuts through paranoid misrepresentations of community organizing to the quiet, hopeful truth: Congregation-based organizing groups are helping people improve their neighborhoods, towns, and regions all across the United States. Many participants also find their faith and relationships with neighbors deepened. To learn more about congregation-based community organizing, here are some helpful links.

The four national organizing networks:

Direct Action and Research Training Center

Gamaliel Foundation

Industrial Areas Foundation

PICO National Network

For more general information on congregation-based community organizing:

Interfaith Funders (IF) describes itself as “a network of faith-based and secular grantmakers, working to advance the field of congregation-based community organizing.” Its membership includes the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Jewish Funds for Justice and agencies of the Lutheran (ELCA), Presbyterian (PCUSA), and Unitarian Universalist churches. The Interfaith Funders website is a virtual one-stop shop of resources, book lists, links, and online publications about congregation-based community organizing.

The website Christians Supporting Community Organizing has scriptural and tradition-specific resources about community organizing tailored to Christians from evangelical, Pentecostal, Holiness, or African-American traditions.

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