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Hard to Swallow

After watching The Price of Sugar, a film by Bill Haney, you’ll think twice about that sweet stuff you put in your coffee. The 90-minute documentary follows the work of Father Christo­pher Hartley, a Spanish priest who lives among Haitian sugarcane laborers lured to the Dominican Republic by the promise of employment. In reality, the Haitians work under armed guards, with little food, housing, health care, or wages. Where does most of the harvested sugar end up? The U.S.

Mission: Darfur

The 2007 book Not on Our Watch, by John Prendergast and Don Cheadle, aims to raise awareness of the genocide in Darfur. Biblical Reflections on the Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond, by Bill Mefford and Greg Leffel, is the newly released companion to it. Each of the eight study sessions contains scriptural reflections, discussion questions, weekly action steps, and vignettes from refugees, activists, and organizations on the ground. One Horizon Foundation

African Saints

Isidore Bakanja was a public witness at an unpopular time for Christians in the Democratic Republic of Congo; for that he was savagely beaten to death. Victoria Rasomanarivo was a leader of the church in Madagascar and petitioned the government to keep the church open. Both stories are included in African Saints, African Stories: 40 Holy Men and Women, by Camille Lewis Brown. Chapters include biographies, scripture readings, prayers, and questions for reflection. St. Anthony Messenger Press

Just Say Yes

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