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Ends and Means

I MUST DISAGREE with Vera Boone, who in criticizing the Seamless Garment Network ("Postmark," July 1993) expressed support for the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) and said that FOCA was an important part of efforts to reduce poverty.

We who support the work of groups in the Seamless Garment Network strongly believe that fighting poverty is an essential part of being pro-life. A life of poverty is contrary to a life of dignity to which all humans are entitled. We believe that strong action by individuals, private groups, churches, and government is necessary to combat poverty. I believe Seamless Garment supporters also recognize that many forces help trap women in poverty, including lack of access to child care, low-wage jobs, lack of access to educational opportunities, and lack of access to non-abortifacient methods of birth control. I also think most, if not all, Seamless Garment supporters believe that all humans should reduce their consumption of resources and live a lifestyle that does not harm the environment.

We reject, however, the belief that abortion is necessary to fight poverty. If we believe that there is indeed human life in the womb, then we must support efforts to help that life grow and develop; a human life does not have less value if it is created in an environment of poverty. While people in poverty certainly can experience suffering and pain, we cannot justify the taking of human life as a solution to that suffering.

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 1993
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