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Briefly Noted

  • Despite evidence of widespread use of child labor in Bangladesh, Wal-Mart increased imports from the country 113 percent over the first part of 1993. Patricia Scarcelli of the Food and Commercial Workers union said, "The only way to stop child labor is to stop buying products from countries that allow child labor."
  • Christians from the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa gathered in Oxford, England, July 2 around the theme "Evangelical Christianity and the Environment" and decided that practical action--not a statement--was the most appropriate result. Cal DeWitt, director of the Michigan-based Au Sable Institute, reported to the delegates on the establishment of the new International Evangelical Environmental Network.
  • In a surprise pro-worker ruling, the National Labor Relations Board recently found that seven "employee committees" set up by the management of the Dupont company violated the legal ban on "company unions." The ban was a response to the practice of companies in the 1920s sponsoring sham unions to stymie genuine union organizers.

    Jim Rice is editor of Sojourners.



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Sojourners Magazine September-October 1993
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