October 1989

Cover Story

The Spirits and Powers at Work in One City: A Parable for Our Time


A Spiritual Journey Through the Beatitudes


Just as those "lazy days" of summer descended on the capital city...
As you might recall, in the late 1970s and early '80s, a broad international coalition of church, health-care, and community groups waged a 7-year-long campaign against Nestle S.A
From the dawn of the atomic age, the factories that build nuclear weapons have been shielded from outside scrutiny.
Get Me A Kleenex, I Mean ... A Tissue
Rosa Parks stands tall, the light streaming behind her through the window of the bare church, her face a statement of gentle pride.
A Tribute to Libby Radcliffe

Culture Watch

There's something reassuring about the fact that the flag, the old Stars and Stripes, can still kick up so much popular controversy.