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Criteria for Curricula

One key criteria in selecting Christian education curricula, as this article outlines, is the relating of theological thought and everyday experiences. Other criteria are also important in the curriculum selection process:

  • What is the organizing principle of the curriculum? Is it theatrically based? Lectionary based? Coordinated with the liturgical season?
  • How will the organizing principle fit with the educational program?
  • How does the curriculum use the Bible? Are biblical stories presented with appropriate theological emphasis? Are the stories placed within an adequate context?
  • How does the curriculum present the faith tradition, including sacraments, creeds, the history of the church?
  • Does the curriculum reflect adequate developmental and pedagogical understandings?
  • Do the lesson plans make provisions for a variety of learning styles, faith concerns, or questions?
  • Do the projects require creativity and thought? Art activities can in themselves provide a wonderful vehicle for theological reflection and further consideration of a biblical text.
  • Will the lesson plans lend themselves to your chosen educational structure? Is an opening or closing worship included with the materials?
  • Does the curriculum respond well to congregational size and circumstance?
  • Does the curriculum provide adequate teacher background and information?
  • Is the curriculum interesting and creative and does it have the capacity to encourage interesting and creative learning?

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Sojourners Magazine November-December 1998
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