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Faith Principles for Health-Care Reform

In recent days, people of faith have raised their voices in the health-care reform debate and started talking about moral values. Many have wondered if this is appropriate or even helpful in such a technical policy discussion. But from the Bill of Rights to the abolition of slavery, from women’s suffrage to the civil rights movement, those who have raised the question of “values” have often changed our country for the better. In uncertain times, change can be scary, but it only comes when a nation chooses hope over fear.

Unfortunately, God sent Moses down the mountain with only the Ten Commandments, and not a health-care bill ready to be passed out of committee. There is no single “right” religious position on how health care should be provided. But I believe there are some fundamental moral and biblical principles on which to evaluate any final legislative agreement, principles on which many people of faith—even politically diverse people—might agree.

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Sojourners Magazine November 2009
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