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Acting on Commitment

Actor Raul Julia is best known for his starring role in the film Kiss of the Spider Woman, for which he shared with William Hurt the 1985 Best Actor award from the National Board of Film Review. Julia, raised in the Catholic Church in Puerto Rico, became personally involved in the life and faith of martyred archbishop Oscar Romero in playing the title role in the new movie Romero, an experience he said resulted in a renewal of his own faith and commitment. "I really got into Romero's skin many times while making the movie," Julia said. "In a very real way, he became alive for me."

Julia's other films have included Compromising Positions, Moon Over Parador, and Tequila Sunrise, and he will be appearing in the soon-to-be-released film The Threepenny Opera in the role of Mack the Knife.

Julia, his wife, and two sons make their home in New York City. He was interviewed in Washington, D.C. by Jim Wallis and Jim Rice in September 1989.
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Sojourners: What did you know of Romero before doing this movie? Why did you decide to take this part?

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