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Sojourners Magazine: November 1981

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Meditations for Advent
Reflections From The Honduran Border
Women and sexual violence


The infant formula industry is a public health problem in the U.S. too
A witness against the Air Force Association's annual "arms bazaar"


Following our arrest for a witness against nuclear weapons in September, several other women and I spent the night being shuttled by paddy wagon from police precinct to central cell block to the D.C. jail
We have often heard it said that love is blind. Many of us have probably denied it when caught in the throes of romance, then agreed with it down the road when the flame died down.
For most of us it was just another Thursday, but for millions of people who depend in some way on the federal government for their livelihood October 1, 1981, was Day One of the Year One for Ronald Reagan's America.