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Through a Glass, Brightly

The Gallery at the American Bible Society in New York City recently presented "Reflections on Glass: 20th Century Stained Glass in American Art and Architecture." This kaleidoscope of glistening color gathered stained-glass objects, many of which were commissioned for churches and synagogues, to illustrate the communal aspect of art. "Art is not made by a single individual," said exhibit curator Virginia Raguin, "it is made by the intersection of individuals."

The exhibit profiled the major design concepts in glass in religious architecture in the 20th century. Particular attention was paid to the post-World War II era when designers began working in new churches and those damaged by the war. The exhibit also included cutting edge work of modern interpreters of this medieval art form. "Exhibitions are not simply to view the objects owned by wealthy people or institutions," noted Raguin, "but are a means to understand what we all experience in our daily life."

—Rose Marie Berger

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Sojourners Magazine May-June 2003
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