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Invite your friends, pass the cookies, and dig into Sojourners. Table Talk discussion guides provide a gathering place for communities to discuss issues of faith, politics, and culture—local and global. Table Talk offers a smorgasbord of questions (enough for four sessions, if you want to arrange it that way), as well as resources for further study and action. You bring dessert.

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Session I. The Road Ahead

"The Lessons of War" (p. 7)
"Coercion vs. Cooperation" (p. 54)
"One Citizen's Shining Light" (p. 57)

Even as the Bush administration carries on empire as usual, the world is seeing the growth of a peace movement that is bigger, more proactive, and more global than ever before. Two CultureWatch reviews put this movement in the context of past victories and current fears. Jonathan Schell's new book describes the growing power of nonviolent action, from India to South Africa and the former Soviet Union. Meanwhile, Wendell Berry critiques the U.S. government's response to terrorism.

Questions to Consider

1. What actions did you take regarding the war on Iraq before it started? How might you build on the connections and the convictions that have been important to you recently?

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Sojourners Magazine May-June 2003
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