McGovern on Iraq

Here’s an anecdote sparked by Robert G. Duffett’s article “The Gospel According to George McGovern” (March 2014): When invited to a World Food Day dinner at a local college, I was anxious to hear one of my heroes, McGovern, who was the featured speaker. His talk was well-received and was followed by questions. I asked, considering his struggle against the Vietnam War, how he felt about the war in Iraq, then just beginning. Was there anything different about this war?

McGovern seemed to stand straighter and his warm eyes became more intense. “There are differences,” he said. “The Vietnam War was an unjust and totally destructive war fought in the jungle; the Iraq war is an unjust and totally destructive war fought in the desert.” He powerfully described how the American people had been lied to by their government and why he felt that this new war would be just as tragic. It was strongly worded and surprised most of those who were present. We got the opportunity to see someone take a moral stance.

Richard Mier
Martinsburg, West Virginia

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