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Holding On to Hope

Fatal Embrace: Christians, Jews, and the Search for Peace in the Holy Land, by Mark Braverman. Synergy Books. Braverman describes his upbringing as immersed in Jewish history and culture that nurtured a lifelong love for Israel. A 2006 trip to the Holy Land, during which he witnessed the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and met Muslim, Christian, and Jewish peace activists, impelled him to take that love to another level and work full time on the Israel/Palestine conflict. Drawing on his career in clinical psychology and crisis management, Braverman asserts that the desire of many Christians to atone for centuries of institutionalized anti-Semitism works alongside the deep-seated desire of the Jewish people for security to undercut efforts to bring peace to Israel/Palestine. He insightfully discusses the distortions in the current conversation on the conflict and lifts up the teachings of the prophets and Jesus that should impel both Jews and Christians to work for justice for Palestinians.

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