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Resources for Study and Action

Poverty and Race

Resources are always needed to help guide and sustain a commitment to racial justice. Poverty and Race is a bimonthly journal that includes a multiple-page listing of additional resource materials. A sample copy is available upon request from the Poverty and Race Research Action Council, 1711 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 207, Washington, DC 20009; (202) 387-9887.

Human Rights

The Amnesty International USA Steering Committee has produced 10 Human Rights Resource Notebooks, which are collections of activities and resources on topics including children's rights, the death penalty, race and ethnicity, and conflict resolution. Selected activities for elementary, middle, and high school students are also available. Each resource is $5 from Human Rights USA Resource Center, 310 Fourth Ave. South, Suite 1000, Minneapolis, MN 55415-1012.

"All Too Familiar: Sexual Abuse of Women in U.S. State Prisons," a free guide providing information for advocates of protective legislation, is available from Human Rights Watch, 1522 K St. NW, #910, Washington, DC 20005; (202) 371-6592. "A Community Checklist: Important Steps to End Violence Against Women" suggests actions for people to take in their own town or area to prevent violence against women. It is available from the Violence Against Women Office, U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Room 5302, Washington, DC 20530; (202) 616-8894.


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Sojourners Magazine March-April 1998
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