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Hopeful Business

THANK YOU FOR the November-December 1997 issue and its focus on the faithful work and witness of Mary and Gordon Cosby ("Mission: Possible"). I was especially excited to read about the Zacchaen Economics project ("Zacchaeus and the Future of the Church," by David Wade) and Common Good Businesses.

I wonder if the Cosbys know of the Focolare Movement’s Economy of Sharing? Started within the last decade or so, and the inspiration of Focolare’s founder Chiara Lubich, it shares with Zacchaen Economics the focus on people rather than profits. My understanding is that existing businesses are being profoundly affected, in addition to the impact on Christians starting new businesses. Small as yet, the Economy of Sharing has nonetheless taken root in a number of countries. As economic justice moves higher on the church’s agenda, it is wonderful to know of these two examples of faith in action.

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Sojourners Magazine March-April 1998
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