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A Case for Nato

I MUST WRITE to disagree with "Time for New Tools," by David McReynolds ("Commentary," November-December 1997). The bottom line is that the Czech Republic, Hungary, etc., will always be at risk as long as there is not a larger superpower blanket under which they can take refuge.

Czechoslovakia was a democratic country after World War I. Unfortunately, everyone stood by and allowed Hitler to take over for the sake of "peace in our time." If other countries had intervened earlier in Hitler’s campaign, my grandparents, my aunt, and my uncle would not have died horrible, miserable deaths in concentration camps. If the United States had stayed out of World War II, my father would probably have died in a forced labor camp.

Yes, Russia may be nervous now. They may be nervous because they actually have plans to regain what they have lost under their democracy that is not working out so well. Well, we do have a chance right now to protect some of the nearby smaller countries who are not large enough to fight for themselves.

We as Christians have a responsibility to take care of innocent people, regardless if we have to lose some lives in the process. Sometimes that is what loving your brother means. Sometimes the problem is a nail, and you do need a hammer.

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Sojourners Magazine March-April 1998
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