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Letters to the editor from Sojourners readers.
A Prophetic Exchange

How God Intervenes” (January 2018), with Kenyatta Gilbert and Walter Brueggemann, is a wonderful interview. How blessed we are to have these two wise and articulate prophets among us. There is so much insight in their challenging and inspiring exchange.

Joan O’Brien
Wethersfield, Connecticut

The First Evangelizer

Heartfelt thanks for publishing Lou Ella Hickman’s “Anna, the First Evangelizer” (January 2018). I cannot express how much I appreciate Lou Ella’s Spirit-filled words. This poem and all her work is full of grace and truth. We have long known of Simeon’s faith, and now we better know Anna as a prophet and, as the poet-scholar has named her, “the first evangelizer.” Thanks be to God.

Elizabeth Whitlow
Austin, Texas


I Can See Death Panels from My House

Ed Spivey Jr., I’m sorry for your cold, but what the heck did you mean by “Obama’s Death Panels” in your column “Dog Days (plus cat)” (January 2018)? How could you forget that they were Sarah Palin’s total invention, a lie aimed at turning an election? Your mistake in Sojourners might rouse old ideas in folks whom Sojourners hopes to enlighten. The country needs us to think straight, which is hard enough to do without bringing up old rabble-rousing falsehoods. Anyway, thanks for your good work up to when you got that mind-bending cold. I hope you are feeling and thinking better.

Lilyan Snow
Seattle, Washington

The humor column H’rumphs often contains satirical references. Author Ed Spivey Jr. explains: “It’s kind of like Opposite Day, but with words.”—The Editors

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