anna, the first evangelizer | Sojourners

anna, the first evangelizer

A poem.

my marriage of seven years
so long ago now that i am eighty-four
yet as if it were yesterday—
              the white canopy spread
              its bellowing white wings over love
with his death the temple became my home
so many pilgrims have come and gone
winter  spring … days eased themselves
into my flesh like prayers softly chanted
i have my favorite spaces, corners, nooks
where i stand invisible
as if i have breathed myself into stone and shadows
today they came
               he with tallit shoulders
               she with a child
and my heart leapt as old hearts do
when seeing youth and life
i, too, was young again with love
then fading into the crowd
i would be the first of all those who would share
rejoice! the Promised One is here

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