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Leading with Grace

In the midst of my own responsibilities for leadership within the Presbyterian Church (USA), I seek to keep current with the literature on leadership and organizational management. Rarely have I found such an insightful—and deeply inspiring—book on this subject as Wesley Granberg-Michaelson’s Leadership From Inside Out.

Many books on leadership are written from the perspective of the social sciences. Others share life experiences of significant leaders in public life, the church, or organizations. Still others address leadership from a spiritual and theological perspective. What is so unique—and refreshing—about Leadership From Inside Out is that it combines all three of these dimensions in a way that gives fresh hope and inspiration to those who seek to lead in a time when leadership is not easy. For a Christian, whether a pastor, a denominational leader, or a leader in public life, all three are critical. Granberg-Michaelson shares the best insights of each along with his own spiritual journey in leadership.

Granberg-Michaelson guides us to a fresh understanding of the things that so often cause leaders to fail: sex, money, and power. He points to an alternate model of listening for God’s will, understanding our own gifts and limitations, and building community with others on behalf of noble visions. He shares valuable insights about reshaping organizational cultures, asking the “big questions” that build vision, and implementing “road maps” that help a community translate a vision into concrete change.

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Sojourners Magazine March 2006
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