March 1977

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On making obedience mean occupation.
Bartering and providence in the capital.


Editors note: John Howard Yoder first dealt personally with the question of war taxes in 1962. He then wrote an account of his response in the Gospel Herald (January 22, 1963).


Along with millions of others, on January 20 I watched Mr. Carter’s inauguration on television and was mesmerized. Since I am not a big fan of American politics, I wasn’t sure why.
As Sojourners has extensively reported, torture and other denials of basic human rights are spreading like a global epidemic.
“The establishment of the modern state of Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy,” according to Jimmy Carter, President of the United States.
It’s been cold in Washington, D.C.-- especially at night, and especially for those who are homeless this winter.
April 15 is tax day. That day, which will soon be upon us, is the legal deadline for the filing of federal income tax returns.

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