Globalize Awareness
As protests in Seattle and Washington, D.C., have begun to raise awareness of the dark side of international financial and trade organizations, a new video from the World Economy Project asks if these institutions are creating a Global Village or Global Pillage. Featuring Ralph Nader and labor and human rights activists, this 27-minute program presents the problems created by the corporate "race to the bottom" of labor and environmental standards, and what can be done about it - including success stories of worldwide movements for economic justice. Cost is $25 ($10 for students and low-income) from the World Economy Project, Preamble Center, 1737 21st St. NW, Washington, DC 20009; (202) 265-3263 ext. 330; wep@preamble. org;

Reverse Psychology
Perhaps the last title you'd expect from the Mennonite Church Peace and Justice Committee is "Ten Ways to Help Start a War," a thought-provoking pamphlet on the roots of violent conflict. In addition to its backward suggestions regarding lifestyle, global awareness, entertainment, and theology, it also lists 10 additional resources to help you attack these issues. Cost is 15 cents each from the Mennonite Church Peace and Justice Committee, P.O. Box 173, Orrville, OH 44667;;

The Radical Nonviolent Kitchen Sink
Looking for books or magazines on feminism, union organizing, popular culture, anarchism, radical Christianity, ecology, nonviolence, socialism, co-operatives, aboriginal rights, pacifism, urban renewal, urban agriculture, revolutionary theory, black history, pro-choice, seamless pro-life, anti-imperialism, communism, penal abolition, conflict resolution, ploughshares efforts, community organizing, community economic development, alternative media, anti-racism, intentional communities, disabilities activism, credit unions, or other expressions of radical nonviolent dissent? Then you may want to check out "Resources for Radicals," compiled by Brian Burch and available for $12 (U.S.) from Toronto Action for Social Change, P.O. Box 73620, 509 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto, Ontario M6C 1C0 Canada; (416) 651-5800;

Be More Hyperactive
If you like your Web political, progressive, and multimedia, WebActive is one of the slicker sites around. Loaded with news, commentary, and a searchable index of more than 2,000 progressively oriented sites, WebActive provides an array of audio and video broadcasts from non-mainstream sources, including a schedule of "special events" such as concerts, foreign documentaries, and press conferences. Visit

America's Fifth Child
According to the Children's Defense Fund, 13.5 million children in America - one in five - are living in poverty, 5.8 million in extreme poverty. These and other challenging statistics are compiled in the Children's Defense Fund's State of America's Children Yearbook 2000, with chapters on Family Income, Child Health, Child Care, Education, Children and Families in Crisis, and Juvenile Justice. More important, each chapter concludes with an "Agenda for Action," with suggested responses from the local to the national level. Available from Children's Defense Fund, 25 E St. NW, Washington, DC 20001; (202) 662-3619;

- Compiled by Ryan Beiler

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