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Where the Women Are

QUOTES IN "Where the Boys Aren't" (by Holly Lebowitz Rossi, November-December 2002) by Rev. Mark Farr would seem to be more at home in certain fundamentalist religious organizations than in the nonprofit world: "We work with men who are creating empires. They are building organizations. It isn't that different from the corporate world." Other quotes from the article indicate that society still views women as caregivers and men as organizers, and men thrive in the corporate world of nonprofits. Well, bless my itsy-bitsy ditzy blonde head. I'm the director of a women's nonprofit; we are striving to break these gender stereotypes that have kept women out of power for the last 2,000 years. Further, competition means winners and losers, [which is] incompatible with new structures of power that organize around women's lives.

Shared power, not competition, is what will change our world. Competition leads to scarcity, and scarcity is suffering. Our world is in danger of destruction due to the full flowering of these exact seeds of patriarchal thought that exclude the feminine. Christ said "No male nor female" in service to him. Support women into nonprofit leadership and men into caregiving. End gender bias. Then save the world.

Jill Johnson-Danielson
Moorhead, Minnesota

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Sojourners Magazine January-February 2003
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