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Fiercely Loves Us All

Friends, this song is called "I Heard an Owl," and it was written two days after the Sept. 11 tragedy. I was shaken to the core with grief, shock, fear, anger, and bewilderment. I sat down to write about the only solid place my feet could still stand upon. I sat and wrote about hurt, healing, and my deepest-held belief: "The only peace this world will know, can only come from Love."

Let us seek to understand the roots of anger. Let our actions be founded in love, based in love and the best of what we are...then our actions will be true. I open my hands to give the best of what a writer has to offer. Courage friends, the world is still filled with the finest of people.

I heard an owl call last night
Homeless and confused
I stood naked and bewildered
By the evil people do

Up upon a hill there is a terrible sign
That tells the story of what darkness waits
When we leave the light behind.

Don’t tell me hate is ever right or God’s will
Those are the wheels we put in motion ourselves
The whole world weeps and is weeping still
Though shaken I still believe
the best of what we all can be
The only peace this world will know
Can only come from love.

I am a voice calling out
Across the great divide
I am only one person
That feels they have to try
The questions fall like trees or dust
Rise like prayers above
But the only word is "Courage"
And the only answer "Love"

Light every candle that you can
For we need some light to see
In the face of deepest loss,
Treat each other tenderly
The arms of God will gather in
Every sparrow that falls
And makes no separation
Just fiercely loves us all.

I Heard an Owl Call Last Night, © Carrie Newcomer, Sept. 13, 2001,

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Sojourners Magazine January-February 2002
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