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Our Task for the Year Ahead

What does the coming of Christ mean for us today?

THIS HAS BEEN quite a year for the United States, for the world, and for us as a faith-based organization. The election of Donald Trump, in addition to being traumatic for all those affected by or deeply concerned about racial bigotry and sexual assault, has created an ongoing national emergency that started a year ago and shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

Yet it has also brought people together in defense of vulnerable people around the principles of Matthew 25—treating the hungry, thirsty, sick, stranger, and prisoner as we would treat Jesus Christ himself.

We have been particularly focused this year on protecting immigrants from deportation, people of color from racialized policing and criminal-justice systems, and Muslims from religious persecution and an Islamophobic “ban.” We also mobilized successfully with a broad coalition of faith-based and secular groups to protect access to affordable health care for tens of millions of Americans.


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