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"I don’t have to wear tights to see the Light," sings Bibleman, an improbably musculatured, white-tights-clad Christian superhero. This video action star battles all manner of highly allegorical (and similarly physiqued) villains with a light saber-esque "Sword of the Spirit." Aided by the obligatory diminutive female—"Biblegirl" —Bibleman’s adventures are chronicled in a series of live-action videos with Bibleman laying the hurt on archrivals "Luxor Spawndroth," "El Furioso," and "Wacky Protestor." Wacky what? The main bad guy in Bibleman’s 2004 season, Wacky Protestor, is organizing a world where there will be "no Christians, no churches, no Bibles, and no God." There’s a full line of Bibleman action figures and accessories (our favorite: a set of Biblegirl foam gauntlets and purple and white hair extensions) plus a subscription service for a daily Bibleman video message.

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Sojourners Magazine January 2005
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