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Sojourners Magazine: January 1982

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Excerpts on poverty from Loaves and Fishes
I live with 10 men and women who are very poor. None of them can talk; only six can walk. All of them have a very limited level of understanding. But each one has a heart.


An interview with Thomas Gumbleton, Raymond Hunthausen, Leroy Matthiesen and Walter Sullivan


"Marginal Notes" is a new column that will appear each month in Sojourners. It will be personal in nature and reflective in spirit.
Solidarity. The name itself inspires hope.
Being a parent is my vocation. I am not necessarily good at it, merely called to it.
At the end of last year, an avalanche of virulence toward Nicaragua and Cuba rumbled out of the Reagan administration, with Secretary of State Alexander Haig, Jr. as chief mouthpiece.