Joe Nangle 11-01-1995
Community for a dying friend
Joe Nangle 9-01-1995
What community is not.
Joe Nangle 7-01-1995
Showing the way of compassion.
Joe Nangle 3-01-1995
Countering the idol of self
Joe Nangle 12-01-1994

Three American soldiers committed suicide in the first few months after U.S. forces arrived in Haiti in September 1994.

Joe Nangle 11-01-1994
Harvesting Occasions of Grace
Joe Nangle 9-01-1994

The value of a faith-based community in children’s lives cannot be overestimated.

Joe Nangle 8-01-1994
The benefits of community retreats.
Joe Nangle 7-01-1994

Every successful community relies on the member who is its heart. This is true for communities that live together and for those that live apart but gather regularly.

Joe Nangle 6-01-1994

Worship at the Heart: The PAX Community Celebrates 25 Years

Joe Nangle 5-01-1994
Sustaining the witness of the faithful.
Joe Nangle 4-01-1994
The rituals of welcome and mission
Joe Nangle 2-01-1994
The first year of "Sharing the Sojourn"
Joe Nangle 1-01-1994
When community is disrupted