Prayer for Wednesday | Sojourners

Prayer for Wednesday

A poem.
The illustration shows a woman holding a candle, looking out of a window
Illustration by Blane Asrat 

Do you remember when
all that time ago last Sunday
you asked to be held
in the tension?
Said yes, I will stay
in the tension,
and the wine and pita
and big old orange moon
were your friends
and witnesses?

Well now it’s almost Thursday
and you haven’t even looked
for the moon all week,
much less seen it,
and the tension feels lonelier
tonight than you remembered
and half the power’s out
and the mice have found the rice
and left a little trail
down to the basement.


But even now I suppose
it isn’t too late to crack
a smile at the whole damn mess,
light a candle in the kitchen,
sweep up the rice, remember
that you asked to be held
because you already are,
and anyway it’s just
three more days now
til next Sunday.


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