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Tackling Tests of Faith and Democracy

Going back to Jesus is the best way forward.
Illustration by Heidi Younger

LAST FALL, I went on a 20-city book tour for my new book, Christ in Crisis: Why We Need to Reclaim Jesus. I was deeply encouraged by the “new and needed conversations about Jesus,” as they were often called, that we had with diverse gatherings of thousands of people. Most events produced a public discussion on the meaning of faith and public life in America.

As a result of that tour and the national events that were unfolding alongside it, I came to three principal conclusions:

First, between the impeachment process and the upcoming election, we are facing a test of democracy.

Second, we are facing a test of faith in how religious communities respond to this moral, political, and constitutional crisis.

Third, a new generation is watching and will decide their future relationship to the faith community on the basis of that response.

Where were the voices of faith? This will be the question when people look back on this period in history, and that makes it an urgent question for all of us right now. That is the key question I will be asking as this new year unfolds. I have put my voice out there with the new book, to a deep response so far, and will continue to do that in the weeks and months ahead.

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