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New and Noteworthy

The Spirit Moves

2010 marked the 50th anniversary of choreographer Alvin Ailey's dance tribute to African-American spirituality and perseverance, "Revelations." Celebrate with the spiritual and gospel classics of The Music of Revelations. DVDs of performances by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater are also available.

Playing for Keeps

The film Not Just a Game: Power, Politics, & American Sports, based on the work of writer David Zirin, explores how sports shapes and reflects our broader culture. Includes the often buried stories of athletes whose refusal to conform advanced social justice. Media Education Foundation

Everyday People

The Christian Explorations of Daily Living book series brings lively theological insights into everyday practices. The first two volumes feature Michelle A. Gonzalez on Shopping and James H. Evans Jr. on Playing. Coming soon: Working and Eating and Drinking. Fortress Press

When Money Buys "Truth"

In Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR Is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans, former CIGNA communications chief Wendell Potter gives an impassioned critique of how the drive by the health-care industry and other corporations to protect profits at any cost damages our democracy. Bloomsbury Press

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