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Love in Words and Deeds

I just finished Barack Obama’s article in the November 2006 issue of Sojourners (“One Nation ... Under God?”), and I am deeply moved. This is exactly the type of dialogue that must take place in our country if we are going to continue as a democracy. As Christians, we must show in our words and deeds the love God has shown to us, not waiting for political power or complete codifying of Christian behaviors in the laws of our country.

Sen. Obama and other elected officials of similar persuasion must speak from their public platform the faith-formed truth to a skeptical country without judgment to nonbelievers. We are all called to the same in our own circles of influence. Only then will the message of love that we have for all begin to be seen and embraced by those who have tired of our words and our condemnation.

Peter Murphy
Garden Grove, California

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Sojourners Magazine February 2007
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